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DairyGen Council

The Dairy Cattle Genetics Research and Development (DairyGen) Council is responsible for establishing research priorities in the area of dairy cattle genetic improvement, reviewing research proposals and allocating industry funds to approved projects.

DairyGen 2012 Call for Letters of Intent


Producer Directors
Name Position
Ben Loewith
Daniel Gobeil DFC
Harm Kelly Lactanet Canada
Doug Peart Holstein Canada
Name Position
Émie Désilets DFC
Vincent Landry Holstein Canada
Dr. Michael Lohuis Semex
Brian Van Doormaal Lactanet Canada
Name Position
Dr. Graham Plastow University of Alberta
Dr. Claude Robert Université Laval
Dr. Flavio Schenkel University of Guelph
Dr. Xin Zhao McGill University

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Copyright 2022 Canadian Dairy Network - September 26, 2022