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Genetic Evaluation Board (GEB)

The Genetic Evaluation Board (GEB) is responsible for all aspects related to genetic evaluations of dairy cattle in Canada, including data, methodology, expression and breed improvement strategies.

Open Industry Session - October 14, 2021

Name Position
Greg Dietrich - Chair, Holstein
Jason Van der Linden
Eric Baumann Jersey
Gilles Côté Holstein
Greg Debbink Holstein
Olivier Leclerc Holstein
Eleanor Robinson Ayrshire
Name Position
Brad Eggink Holstein Canada
Paul Meyer WestGen
Dr. Chuck Sattler Select Sires GenerVations
Jay Shannon Semex
Dr. Bob Welper Alta Genetics
Name Position
Dr. Christine Baes University of Guelph
Dr. Gerrit Kistemaker Lactanet Genetics
Dr. Steven Larmer Semex
Dr. Robert Moore Lactanet DHI
Dr. Flavio Schenkel University of Guelph
Brian Van Doormaal Lactanet Canada

Open Industry Session - June 10, 2021

Open Industry Session - February 18-19, 2021

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