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Industry Standards Committee

On behalf of all industry organizations, this committee is responsible for establishing minimum standards associated with herds qualifying for supervised milk recording and genetic evaluations, criteria for officially publishable lactations and information used for genetic evaluations. E-mail messages to the Industry Standards Committee can be sent to Standards@cdn.ca.


Richard Cantin
Canadian DHI
T: 519-824-2320
E: rcantin@canwestdhi.com

Mario Séguin
Canadian DHI
T: 514-398-7880
F: 514-398-7963
E: marioseguin@valacta.com

Paul Stewart
T: 613-258-5944
F: 613-258-3719
E: paul.stewart@eastgen.ca

Mike West
T: 519-821-5060 x252
F: 519-821-7541
E: mwest@semex.com

Pascal Lemire
F: 519-756-8202
E: plemire@holstein.ca

Valérie Tremblay
T: 450-778-9363 x1-231
F: 450-778-9637
E: tremblay@holsteinquebec.ca

Brian Van Doormaal
Canadian Dairy Network
T: 519-767-9660 x101
F: 519-767-6768
E: brian@cdn.ca

Michela Arbuthnott
Recording Secretary
T: 519-767-9660 x103
F: 519-767-6768
E: michela@cdn.ca


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