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The CDN Board of Directors appoints three advisory committees to seek producer, industry and technical information and feedback and ultimately provide recommendations to CDN to fulfill its various mandates.

Genetic Evaluation Board

The GEB is responsible for all aspects related to genetic evaluations of dairy cattle in Canada, including data, methodology, expression and breed improvement strategies. The committee consists of 12 people including three producers, four industry representatives, four technical experts and the Canadian Dairy Network General Manager as a non-voting member. The GEB Chairman is elected annually from amongst its members and semi-annual meetings held in April and September are preceded by an Open Industry Session and a technical meeting to encourage proper extension of information and feedback from all stakeholders.

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The Dairy Cattle Genetics Research and Development (DairyGen) Council is responsible for establishing research priorities in the area of dairy cattle genetic improvement, reviewing research proposals and allocating industry funds to approved projects. The committee consists of 14 members including producers, industry experts and scientists. Following the first meeting of each year, normally in February, scientists involved with research in dairy cattle genetics and genomics at Canadian universities or federal government research centres are invited to submit letters of intent for proposed research projects. During the April meeting the submitted letters of intent are reviewed and some are selected for submission of a full proposal by early August. Following a full scientific peer review process, the committee considers each full proposal in October. Those approved for industry support are subsequently forwarded to NSERC and/or AAFC for matching government support and, if successful, the projects are started early the following year. DairyGen collects approximately $400,000 annually from the CDN member organizations, which is solely used for its own activities, which is mainly the support of high priority research projects in the area of dairy cattle genetic improvement.

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Industry Standards Committee

On behalf of all industry organizations, this committee is responsible for establishing minimum standards associated with herds qualifying for supervised milk recording and genetic evaluations, criteria for officially publishable lactations and information used for genetic evaluations. The committee consists of two industry representatives from each of the A.I., breeds and herd recording sectors as well as one person from Canadian Dairy Network. Semi-annual meetings are usually held in May and November of each year.

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