MT-EDC Software (2023)

Generates EDCs for MACE, and EBV reliabilities

Applicable for multiple-trait, linear mixed models with:

Any number of traits
Direct and Maternal genetic effects
Direct and Maternal environment effects
Animal, Dam, Sire, and MGS genetic effects

Generates EDC and reliabilities for:

Predicted genetic effects in the model
Linear functions of the genetic effects

Uses standard + improved EDC methods accepted by Interbull:

Can use Interbull method for single-trait models (single-trait EDC)
or Improved EDC methods recommended for multiple-trait models

User Manual
Revision History

Current Version of the Software:
Download 6b (released November 2023)

Older Versions of the Software:
Download 6a (released June 2022)
Download 5g (released July 2020)