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"CDN Global" Now Available!


GUELPH – April 2017. Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) recently launched a new web site aimed at providing the international community improved access to Canadian genetic and genomic evaluations. With this initial introduction CDN Global offers interested users the ability to query the CDN database in either Spanish or German with results displayed differently for computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Accessing this new web site is easy by either going directly to or by selecting the preferred language from the home page of CDN's full web site at The usual tool for language selection on the CDN web site can also be used to get redirected to CDN Global once either of the international languages are selected. The focus of CDN Global is to allow users that are more comfortable with Spanish or German to access the Animal Query and Group Query tools that have been very popular globally.

Once a specific animal is identified and selected, users have access to its Genetic Evaluation Summary and Genomic Evaluation Details pages as well as details associated with their evaluations for production, conformation and functional traits. The Pedigree Tree and list of progeny in the CDN database are also available in the language of choice. For most Canadians, and other users more comfortable with English or French, the full CDN web site will remain the preferred option as it includes valuable extension articles, various reports, lists and data files, as well as access to data management services and popular tools including the Inbreeding Calculator.

In recent years, the longstanding and freely accessible web site of CDN has steadily grown in terms of usage and popularity. In 2016, the CDN web site had over 1 million different visits throughout the year and over 50 million hits! In terms of people using the web site during the year, the average number of unique users per month in 2016 was just shy of 28,000 with peak months surpassing 32,000. There is no question that CDN has one of the world's most popular web sites for accessing genetic information for dairy breeds!

Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) is the national genetic evaluation centre for dairy cattle and provides services to Canadian dairy producers and member organizations including breed associations, DHI agencies, A.I. organizations and Dairy Farmers of Canada.


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Brian Van Doormaal,General Manager, Canadian Dairy Network
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