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History & Mandates

Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) was officially created on May 29, 1995 as the result of a federal government decision to privatize all genetic evaluation activities in Canada. Currently, the four mandates of CDN include the following:

  1. The provision of genetic evaluations for all dairy cattle breeds in Canada.
  2. The coordination of industry-funded research and development projects in the area of dairy cattle genetics and genomics.
  3. The establishment of national standards associated with supervised herd recording, publishable lactations and information used for genetic evaluations.
  4. The maintenance of a national dairy database for the dairy cattle improvement industry in Canada.


The Canadian Dairy Network mission is:

"To provide excellence and leadership in dairy herd improvement through an efficient information infrastructure and quality genetic evaluation services ensuring Canada's continued responsiveness and competitiveness both domestically and internationally. This mission reflects the main mandates of the company with the focus being Canadian dairy producers and the industry that supports them in terms of genetic improvement."


The organizations that are members of Canadian Dairy Network are divided into four categories, all of which are interested in the genetic improvement of dairy cattle in Canada. They include all artificial insemination organizations involved in the production and/or distribution of dairy bull semen in Canada, all dairy breed associations that offer animal identification, herdbook registration and type classification programs nationally as well as the three regional dairy herd recording agencies officially accredited in Canada. Dairy Farmers of Canada is a member of CDN representing the interests of all Canadian dairy producers.


Canadian Dairy Network is governed by an eight-member Board of Directors, which mainly consists of dairy producers. These directors are elected from among the voting delegates, of which there are approximately 25, who are appointed by the member organizations depending on their relative size and level of activity within their sector. Three directors are elected from the A.I. delegates while the breed association and dairy herd recording delegates can each elect two directors and Dairy Farmers of Canada appoints one CDN director.

Additional Company Information

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